Facilities And Infrastrcture at TIIPS

Modern Labs

Labs play a very critical role in technical education. Almost every topic taught during lecture has a corresponding experiment. TIIPS pays great attention to its laboratories and the equipment in them. All the departments at TIIPS are equipped with state of the art laboratories and workshop to ensure that the students learn practical aspects of courses and research and development activities as well.

modern lab

Eng. Mechanics Lab

The department is equipped with state of the art laboratories and workshop to ensure that the students learn practical aspects of Engineering. The departmental labs are equipped with IC Engine Lab, Fluid Machinery/Mechanics Lab, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab, Heat and Mass Transfer Lab, Manufacturing Science Lab, Material Science Lab, Machine Design Lab, Automobile Lab, CAM Lab, Thermodynamics Lab Machine Drawing Lab, Dynamics of Machines Lab, Measurement & Metrology Lab, etc.


The departmental labs are equipped with Transportation Engineering Laboratories, Geotechnical Engineering Laboratories, Surveying and Geo Informatics Laboratories, Environment Engineering Laboratories, Structure Analysis Laboratories, Computational Laboratories, etc.

Workshop at tiips
tiips Applied Science Labs

Applied Science Labs

The department has well equipped laboratories to give ample opportunaties to the students to flourish, learn, experiment and to understand the set up for different experiments so as to match them with their theoritical knowledge.

Electrical and Electronics Lab

The department has well equipped state-of-the art laboratories to compliment the theoretical coursework.

tiips Electrical and Electronics Lab

Computer Centre & Lab

The computer centre is well-equipped with computing resources to cater to the academic needs of the students. The center is a constant hub of activities, providing a conducive learning environment. The trained technical staff is available to help out the students.

Digital Library

The Library at TIIPS is user-focused, innovative and excellence driven. The library has always benefited from the institute’s culture, is pioneer in adopting new technology and is far ahead than many libraries set up in many Institutions. Library manages knowledge both in print and digital formats, ensures seamless discovery and access to these scholarly resources and provides faculty, students, and staff with professional support to find, evaluate, manage, and use such resources. Library is fully automated, air-conditioned, Wi-Fi facility enabled with learning environment. The Library has well-developed book stack, reference section and digital library which makes studying a unique and a lifetime experience.

Language Labs

The main objective of the Professional Communication Lab is to develop students’ communication skills. Communication lab is helpful to enrich the discourse competence, to prepare the learner to be able to produce contextualize written text and speech. Many students are hesitant to come on the dais, this lab trains them to overcome hesitation and use language effectively so as to face interviews and participate in group discussions, public speaking etc. It enables them to learn better pronunciation through stress on word accent, intonation, and rhythm.

It is also helpful to cultivate the habit of reading passages from the computer monitor and initiate them into greater use of the computer in resume preparation, report writing, format-making etc.

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