Our Inspiration


Our Inspiration

Shri O.P. Tandon was a man who had a vision in mind, a noble vision to secure the future of the children of this country by doing his bit. His contribution to the society cannot be measured but can only be felt by the thousands who had the privilege to be in touch with him or the millions who have been benefited from his contribution to this very day. Born on March 10, 1941, he went on to work tirelessly to make tremendous contribution in all aspects in the field of education. A distinguished teacher himself, ShriTandon initiated the Kamal Group of institutions that encompasses within itself his vision and mission to provide education to all.

Today, the Kamal Group of schools and Trinity Institutes have flourished to become a bandwagon in the field of providing high quality education .Shri Tandon,departed on June 2, 2009 leaving behind himself the inspiring spirit of providing education and service to all!!


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